About Us

Birmingham-based When Summer Comes partners with skilled craftspeople throughout the UK to design and manufacture the finest in local domestic or commercial furniture for very discerning consumers.

Few things influence the interaction of people in everyday life more so than fine furniture. We believe that good design enhances our quality of life, our relationship with our physical space, and how we engage with it.  As the late Ilmari Tapiovaara once said, “a chair is not just a seat – it is the key to the whole interior.”

When Summer Comes will never be about mass production, not in the conventional sense anyway. Many of the best things in life are still made by hand. It’s labor intensive but when you’re designing and manufacturing something rather special, the only way to do it is by hand.

Our vision is quite simple: we work as part of a wider integrated team with carefully selected specialists, pooling our design and manufacturing resources to produce furniture that is beautiful, distinctive and inspirational.

Our long-term goal is to use our skills to create a platform for some of the finest British designers to showcase their talent. Small business matters, now more so than ever before. If we can play a part in developing this wonderful artform – help create new opportunities for small businesses to grow, then all of our futures will be so much better for it.

In a world where everything increasingly looks and feels the same, When Summer Comes will always do things differently, push the boundaries of what can be achieved. Furniture that in many respects will become classics of the future. If you would like to be part of our story contact us at info@whensummercomes.com