The Barrel Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbeque

Based on the famous original forty-five gallon drum design, the Barrel stainless steel charcoal barbeque advances this functional simplicity with heavy duty stainless steel and a whole lot more versatility.

Two grills, adjustable through three levels with post and swivel pins for a range of optional extras, the Barrel offers 50% more cooking area than the Ikon.

Handmade to exacting quality standards, the Barrel is the 1st choice for traditional caterers and those with lots of hungry friends.

Stunning to look at, wonderful to use, The Barrel will take outdoor dining to new heights for generations to come.

Standard specifications: 

1/2 barrel base with 2 x side swivel pins, back post with 4 x swivel pins and full-width bottom shelf. All professional tig welded as a complete construction.

2 x grills 46cm x 46cm

2 x charcoal trays

The 1 x back post has 4 x swivel pins, with 2 height cooking levels for pans and extras

1 x 14″ diameter frying pan

2 x removable grease catching trays

Stainless steel throughout

2 x wheels


    The Barrel Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbeque