BBQ 200 SS Professional Charcoal Barbeque

Almost double the size of the BBQ 100 SS Professional with the same advanced features. Constructed entirely of brushed stainless steel, the 200 SS Professional is gorgeous to look at, wonderful to cook on.

Convenient cleaning, (just remove the coal-ash trays once the grill has cooled) complemented by many accessories to suit your requirements for a perfect barbecuing experience.  Praised by star chefs around the world thanks to their large grilling surfaces and easily variable heating zones, the BBQ 200 SS Professional is ideal for larger families and social gatherings.

The steel used In the BBQ 100 is a stainless steel type 304 which requires minimal maintenance. But it is not completely maintenance free. We strongly recommend wiping with warm water and PH adjusted soap. If stains appear, you can use a standard rust removal and polish for stainless steel. Never use brushes or sponges with metal as they can press metal elements or scratch the surface, which means that it can start to rust.

L 98 D 50 H 80 cm. Weight 75 kg

Stainless steel

Brushed stainless steel

Comes with a 2-year warranty

Dimensions: 94 x 50 x 80 cm

Cooking area: 86 x 43 cm

2 x Stainless cooking grate

2 x Charcoal fuel holders

2 x Stainless steel inner box

Adjustable air-flow

Adjustable feet

Storage area

Weight: 75 kg



    BBQ SS Professional Wheels


    Allows you to move your barbeque around more easily, adding practicality to the outdoor cooking experience. They are black, four cm in diameter and come in a pack of four. And they all have brakes, adding safety.

    BBQ SS Professional Wind Shield


    A practical and elegant way to protect your grill from the wind. Made of stainless steel, making it both durable and appealing.

    BBQ SS Professional Wok Holder


    BBQ SS Professional Fry top


    BBQ SS Professional Lid