Manufacture and Design

At When Summer Comes, our philosophy is to design and manufacture furniture that does more than simply support basic human requirements. Beautiful furniture defines the function of the room or space and how you would like it to be used – it determines flow and movement, balance and contrast and ultimately plays a significant role in enhancing your lifestyle.

The way we work is different too. We focus on partnerships with selected specialists in specific fields. When Summer Comes supports independent master cabinet makers, stone masons, stained glass artists and metalsmiths by creating a platform for some of the finest British craftspeople to showcase their talent.

We ask two important questions; what if and why not? Working as an integrated team, we test new design concepts, evaluate new materials – define what is possible. Its a fusion of cutting edge design and creative intuition based on years of experience and meticulous attention to detail.

From al fresco dining with family and friends to a restful place to sit, unwind and relax, you will discover bespoke, handmade furniture that combines to create a story like summer itself – a collection of contemporary and bespoke designs that are innovative, bold and beautiful. Designs destined to become classics of the future.

But like all good design, it is never an end in itself. If you would like to challenge the status quo or aspire to something specific to your personal requirements, contact When Summer Comes at  We may not be able to control the seasons, but we can help transform your world into something exceptional.