Davorin Arsic

davOn our recent travels, we met a lot of interesting people and none more so than Dav. A traditional craftsman of extraordinary talent, he moves effortlessly between sculpture, applied art, modelling and design.

Dav has a deep understanding and passion for working with wood, which is reflected in every piece of furniture that comes out of his small workshop. Traditional time honoured methods of processing wood are complemented by modern design.

We watched his approach to producing two beautiful dining rooms suites for When Summer Comes with a great deal of interest. In a world where everything is massed produced, it is delightful to witness a unique blend of traditional methods, natural materials and modern forms come together.

Research and study of traditional joints and painstaking attention to design detail results in furniture of extraordinary strength, versatility and quality. He calls it ’soul form furniture’. We wouldn’t doubt that for a second. There’s more than a little of Dav’s soul in every piece of furniture he produces.