RMD Design Studio

RMD partners image

Selecting suitable business partners that reflect When Summer Comes design philosophy has been the most important part of our work over the past few months. A burgeoning relationship between When Summer Comes and RMD Design studio in Belgrade is one of the exciting collaborations we’ve established recently.

Founded in 2012, both as a need and desire to create a blend between art and design as well as architecture and concept, we are potentially excited about where this relationship may lead.

The ability to play with creative design concepts, past and present and remix them with modern materials, interpretation and functionality that inspires is a rare attribute indeed.

We’re pleased to present a small range of beautiful indoor furniture that effectively plays with shapes and visual dynamics to reflect an effortless elegance only found in nature.

We also look forward to ongoing collaboration between When Summer Comes and RMD on new and exciting projects in the future – bringing you furniture and related product extensions as inspiring as summer itself.