Rod Fender

rod - black forge partners profileWhen Summer Comes vision of working with people who produce handmade, bespoke products of exceptional design quality, led us to Rod Fender. Its not often you find a design engineer, artist, master blacksmith, creator and displaced itinerant Northerner wrapped up in one. But Rod is not an ordinary mortal.

Achieving a good barbeque design is about creating a product that will respond, in both a practical and creative way, to our lifestyle needs and requirements. And that is exactly what Rod has been able to achieve.

Over 25 years of design and testing by a master blacksmith has resulted in one of the best charcoal BBQs in the world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these handmade, heavily engineered, stainless steel constructions will be immensely appealing to anyone who takes outdoor dining seriously.

Satisfyingly functional and beautiful to look at with just a dash of humour for good measure. One thing is for certain, Rod’s barbeques will outlast their first keeper by a country mile, delighting future generations of outdoor dining enthusiasts for decades to come.