Roshult logo

We are delighted to welcome Röshults as one of our partners. Combining exclusive materials, such as teak and stainless steel with a modern architectural design, the result is a unique combination best described as harmonious, elegant, timeless and confident.

We are particularly impressed with the work of award winning designers Broberg & Ridderstråle – creative collaborators based in in Stockholm. Working in a mixed architecture and design practice, they draw inspiration from everyday life, combining a rational approach with a dash of humour and wit. We like that.

Like all great things, Roshults beginnings were unpretentious. The core idea was a fire basket designed in a little cottage in Röshult and from these humble beginnings, a brand was born.

Most importantly, Röshults design philosophy reflects When Summer Comes vision of beautiful indoor and outdoor furniture for people who priorities their homes and gardens as aspirational living spaces. Furniture in which comfort, elegance, and refined fulfillment intermingle effortlessly with the simple joys of summer.