When Does Summer Start?

Posted by on April 18th, 2016

When does summer start? The other day I was asking this question to family and friends in different parts of the world. If summer in Britain (June 21st) is too far away – whatever time of year it is at the moment – then why not make it happen now!

The Summer Solstice applies to meteorology, astronomy and the like, not to your Summer.

Like many of my neighbours around the English Midlands, I got fed up gazing out the window and seeing only glowering clouds, intermittent sunshine and the promise of impending greenery. So I cheated. What if we took out the BBQ in March? The first time I ever did this in flagrant disobedience to the Laws of Season, I immediately felt better. So did the whole family.

We so enjoyed the lifting of the winter mood, I cheated some more… I began to see the potential of home space. A paved area became a patio. A rain awning quickly became a sun shade. I found furniture and gear of all sorts on obscure websites in far-flung corners of the world where the sunshine and blue skies always seem to be perennial friends. And I literally started my own summer.

I revealed my seasonal revolt to friends, ‘It’s a perfume,’ I said, ‘the perfume of lime blossoms in the early evening.’ And as soon as I said it, a whole feast of other sensations overwhelmed me: soft, warm air through my fingers, walking barefoot on the grass or wearing flip flops everywhere I had to go.

They looked at me suspiciously but soon they were all sharing their fondest memories of summer.

For Rosita from Spain, it’s another smell: the smell of sun creams mixed with the salty air from the sea. We almost lost ourselves in images of summer dresses and skirts, bare legs and sandals. ‘Grass!’, said the third one. ‘And dew under my feet and my tomatoes when they ripen!’.

Of course! What is summer without its glorious, rich, colourful food? I wonder if you have ever noticed? The couscous salad, the char grilled aubergine with fresh mint, the barbequed kebabs, even s’mores don’t taste anything like it when eaten indoors, according to my nine year-old!

‘Wouldn’t that be a contradiction in terms?’ she added. I honestly don’t know where she heard that phrase, but I stared at her thinking she has pinned something down. Of course, summer is all about doing things and living outside! And although we all have different ideas of what the outside might be, there is something we all have in common and it is a sense of nature; of plain, positive and simple elements such as light, warmth, colours, smells and most fundamentally a sense of joyous relief for being here and being able to be part of it. Carpe diem! In other words, make sure you grab the moment and make the most of it!

As for me, I can’t wait for the long fresh evenings when, even after a busy day, I can still sit outside with a drink and eke out those last day’s drops and relax listening to the sounds of my garden. In those moments, I can’t help but give thanks for having one!

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